Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dress for my niece and white hearted top

   Hello, everybody!
   Misha and I went to Moscow to the exhibition the other day. I used this chance to wear my new knitted top which I finished a month ago but the weather was too cool for it.

   На днях съездили с Мишей на выставку в Москву. Для меня это был повод также выгулять новую кофточку, которую я закончила вязать еще месяц назад, но погода на позволяла ее надеть. 

And this tassel necklace is my work too, I already showed it in my Instagram.

Бусики с кисточкой тоже самодельные, я их уже выкладывала в Instagram.

   And below you can see the dress for my niece Sonya. I wrote about it in my previous post. She liked the dress and therefore I'm pleased with myself :))

   А ниже то самое платье для племянницы Сони, про которое я писала в предыдущем посте. Она осталась довольна обновкой, а я собой :))

Have a nice day!
Всем удачного дня!


  1. Платье и кофточка просто чудо как хороши. Молодец!

  2. What a cute and simple outfit.

  3. Both you and your niece look very nice!

  4. Both your jumper and the dress are lovely, what a cleaver girl you are.

  5. You both look lovely! I am glad your niece liked the dress, it does look very pretty! Also, I love your hair! I wouldn't even know where to begin with such a pretty hair style :) xx

    1. Thank you very much! You just have to devide your hair into two parts, than braid them behind your ears, turn up and secure them on the top of your head with bobby pins.